this surrender isn't weakness, it's called love .


hi, I'm Jonna,

I believe that love isn't a matter of weakness.
When you love, you surrender.
But surrender does not indicate that you are weak. Surrender to love is the bravest thing a person can do.
It takes courage to surrender.
It takes courage to love.

I love words. Poems. Writings. Books. They give me a sense of reality, and a way of escaping it.

I live in Amsterdam and love it with all my being. This is my home, my sanctuary.

Whenever you feel like talking ;message me. I don't have a whole lot of experience in life considering I've only been on this planet for 20 years, but don't ever hesitate to send whatever is on your mind.


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Desert Road NZ (20/7/14 - 5:30pm)


Desert Road NZ (20/7/14 - 5:30pm)

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Take it all back. Life is boring, except for flowers, sunshine, your perfect legs. A glass of cold water when you are really thirsty. The way bodies fit together. Fresh and young and sweet. Coffee in the morning. These are just moments. I struggle with the in-betweens. I just want to never stop loving like there is nothing else to do, because what else is there to do?

Pablo Neruda

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if you consider a woman
less pure after you’ve touched her
maybe you should take a look at your hands
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1. Do not hate them for it. They are on a journey too.
2. Understand that sometimes you will be a bandage caressing a temporary wound or you will be a pinnacle of permanency rooted deeply in their heart. Accept that you do this to people too.
3. Do not step on your feet trying to find a rhythm you are not meant to follow.
4. Do not let it harden you: continue to nurture, continue to love.
5. People use words as anchors to latch onto bits of you and when they leave remind yourself that the sea never bled itself dry because a ship left it.
6. Write the nastiest letter and burn it.
7. Yes, they may have illuminated pieces of you that you were unaware existed. But now you do and they are not the last person to remind you.
8. Dizzy yourself with everything you love, like dancing in the greenhouse to horrid pop songs or reading Haruki Murakami.
9. Set all that anger ablaze, you are wasting your time sifting through it.
10. Internalize the fact that you were still breathing before you met them.
11. Forgive them.
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You don’t know how to be touched. You don’t know how to be loved. You are lonely and yet you push away anybody who tries to get close. You are a ship going under because you cannot stop pouring water onto your hull. And I am the bucket that will never be big enough to hold all of the drowning in you.
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It’s all too much and not enough at the same time.
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You will learn that sometimes human beings have to just sit in one place and, like, HURT. That you will become way less concerned with what other people think of you when you realize how seldom they do. That there is such a thing as raw, unalloyed, agendaless kindness. That it is possible to fall asleep during an anxiety attack.
David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest (via avvfvl)

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